Russ Chapman - Rock Academy Director

For more information on the Rock Academy and how you can get involved, call our office at 864-442-6027.

The Rock Academy at FACE is a program for developing musicians who want to learn to play in a band.  While it is called "Rock" Academy, the class is not restricted to just rock music.  Alternative, Country, R&B, Indie, Contemporary Christian, etc. are all available. 

Rock Academy is directed by Russ Chapman, who also teaches drum and bass lessons at FACE.  Russ plays, or has played, with bands in a wide variety of styles.  Some of his credits include The Hired Help, Mark Webb Band, Katlin Owen Band, Grove Station, Chris Sligh and many others.  Russ has also been a musician in several local community theatre productions, playing shows at Greenville Little Theatre, Warehouse Theatre, Foothills Playhouse and Mill Town Players.