Russ Chapman - Rock Academy Director

The Rock Academy at FACE is a program for developing musicians who want to learn to play in a band.  While it is called "Rock" Academy, the class is not restricted to just rock music.  Alternative, Country, R&B, Indie, Contemporary Christian, etc. are all available. 

Rock Academy is directed by Russ Chapman, who also teaches drum and bass lessons at FACE.  Russ plays, or has played, with bands in a wide variety of styles.  Some of his credits include The Hired Help, Mark Webb Band, Katlin Owen Band, Grove Station, Chris Sligh and many others.  Russ has also been a musician in several local community theatre productions, playing shows at Greenville Little Theatre, Warehouse Theatre, Foothills Playhouse and Mill Town Players.

For more information on the Rock Academy and how you can get involved, call our office at 864-442-6027.