Encore Theatre Company

is for actors of all ages who want to be on the stage!

Anyone may audition whether they have ever acted or not. 

Auditions will be for class placement only - no one is ever "cut".

During auditions, actors are evaluated and placed in one of three "stages":

  • Beginner Stage - ages 7-9.  Actors will work on developing a foundational understanding of acting for the stage.  During the course of the semester (typically 4 months), actors will work together with their director to write a script, develop their characters, incorporate basic stage movements (blocking) , and learn voice projection and memorization of lines.  This stage is all about having fun while learning the basics of theatre acting.  Semester will end with a performance of their original play. 
  • Intermediate Stage - ages 10+, no experience or previous acting classes required.  (Ages 7-9 may audition to "move up" into this stage once they have been in the beginner stage for at least one year and have demonstrated the dedication and ability to work at a higher level.)  During the semester, actors will work on monologues, scene work and improvisation. Class may be divided into Intermediate 1 (beginners over the age of 10) and Intermediate 2 (not beginners, but not ready for advanced yet) if there are enough students to have two classes.  Semester will end with a performance of monologues and short scenes.                                                                               Audition requirements:  1-2 minute monologue (optional), cold reading from a script, improvisation
  • Advanced Stage - ages 10+, experienced actors who have demonstrated they are ready for a full-length production of a scripted play. Actors will rehearse more, be responsible for more, and learn more about the total production process.  Must have completed at least one year in Beginner Stage, Intermediate Stage or equivalent classes elsewhere.  Semester will end with a full production of a published script.                                        Audition requirements:  1 - 2 minute memorized monologue (required), cold-reading from the script, improvisation
  • Triple Threat Class - Our Triple Threat Class is the only one of its kind in the greater Easley area! This two part class will offer Broadway style dance at Sterling Studio and group voice and acting at The Fine Arts Center of Easley (a.k.a FACE). This class will perform in a musical with FACE as well as the year end recitals with Sterling Studio and FACE. The goal of this class is to help young performers be well rounded in all aspects of theatre and groom them for "real world" auditions. 
    Ages 7-11 - Triple Threat I
    Ages 12+  - Triple Threat II

YACE and West End Youth Theatre Productions


Important Dates:
Auditions for Spring Production:                         Monday, January 7th, 5-7 pm (must have a memorized                                                                                                       monologue to audition for a lead role)

Beginner/Intermediate Class Registration:           Monday, January 7th, 5-6 pm
Advanced Class Auditions:                                  Monday, January 7th, 6-7 pm (must have memorized monologue)
Classes begin:                                                       Monday, January 14th
Last Day to enroll for Spring Semester:                Monday, January 28th

CLASS & REHEARSAL SCHEDULE*                                                   INSTRUCTOR     
Intermediate 1 Stage                 Mondays,  5:00-6:00 p.m.                             Eryn Chickey-Tillery
Intermediate 2 Stage                 Mondays, 6:00-7:00 p.m.                             Eryn Chickey-Tillery

Triple Threat I:  Dance            Monday           4:00 – 4:45                        Brooke Diaz (at Sterling Studio)
Triple Threat I: Vocals            Thursday           4:00 - 4:45                        Amanda Gunter (at FACE)

Triple Threat II:  Dance           Monday           5:00 – 6:00                       Brooke Diaz (at Sterling Studio)
Triple Threat II: Vocals          Thursday          5:00 - 6:00                        Amanda Gunter (at FACE)  

Advanced Stage & Play Rehearsals                                                         Eryn Chickey-Tillery

Mondays, 7:00-8:00 p.m. and Thursdays, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Play Rehearsals:            TBA
Saturday Rehearsals:     Schedule TBA

Parent Work Days:       Schedule TBA (coincide with Saturday rehearsals)

                                   Monday, April 22nd, 5-8 pm
                                   Tuesday, April 23rd, 5-9 pm
                                  Thursday, April 24th, 5-9 pm (Final Dress Rehearsal)

 Cast Party:                   TBA

Performances       April 26 & 27, May 2* & 4                   Anne of Green Gables  7:00 P.M.
                            Tuesday, May 14th                              Spring Showcase – Beginner, Intermediate & Triple                                                                                          Threat Classes 7:00 P.M.

*The Friday, May 3rd, performance has been moved to Thursday, May 2nd, to avoid a conflict with a city event. 

2019 Spring Production!

Encore Theatre Company

Past Productions

2017 - present


Beginner Stage:  $108 per semester or $30 per month for 4 months

Intermediate Stage:  $108 per semester or $30 per month for 4 months

Advanced Stage:  $144 per semester or $40 per month for 4 months

Triple Threat Class:  ages 7-11 $80 per month; ages 12+ $90 per month (paid at Sterling Studio)

If making monthly payments, tuition is due the first class of every month.  There is a $5 late fee for late payments. 


This program operates on a budget based on the number of actors who begin each semester.  Withdrawal from the program negatively affects our ability to produce a quality program for everyone and causes an unfair extra work load for those who have to take over the lines of actors who drop out. Therefore, actors who begin the semester are expected to complete the semester.  There are no refunds.